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Our Team




TIFFANY FRANCES is a film director and writer based in LA AND NYC.

Her background as a photographer, casting director, editor, and producer has made her a well-rounded director. Her film work is committed to bringing a voice to women, the underrepresented, and vulnerable groups. She enjoys creating through different mediums from super 8mm to high-end digital cinema cameras. Her work spans across all genres from branded content, music video, fashion film, to narrative.

Her passions include surfing, traveling, community gardening, and taking portraits of the people she loves. She composes music as Porcelain Skyline.

JUSTINE SWEETMAN is A creative directoR and makeup artist based in NYC.

She has spend the last decade immersed in fashion and beauty, working with some of the largest brands in the world. She is passionate about partnering with independently-owned companies that strive to make a positive impact and connecting women across various channels.

Her free time is spent playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends and helping facilitate non-profit financial workshops for freelancers.